What is AuraTransformation?

AuraTransformation(R) is a healingmodality. 

The method was received in the 1990ies by a danish woman, Anni Kristoffersen (now Anni Sennov).

It is purely energywork and the facilitator works as a channel for the energies, that will perform the nessesary work. Remember that intention is the key. As in all things as I see it.

The method came to earth just when the talk about Indigoes began to appear. And the result of the work is an aura transformed into the likeness of the Indigo, which means that the person, who undergoes this change, is giving herself hightened energylevel and a new starting point to evolve from, so to speak.

This new aura also provides much better protection than the old aura as well as a better feeling about being in this body and life.

Many parents and even grandparents have taken the opportunity to have an Auratransformation (R) , which they greatly profit from as their understanding of the young ones gets so much better.

As a sideeffect I have seen clients look much younger after the Auratransformation.

As we know now, the Indigoes came to earth to help us raise the energylevel here. And even as a born Indigo you may take the opportunity to go to an Aura Mediator in order to get your aura cleared of negative experiences.

The Indigoes and now the Crystals tend to be exeptionally sensitive and may not have had the luck to come into families with an understanding of this new phenomenon.  Not out of ill-will but they just did not know any better.

I have had many young grown ups in my practice, and it has been very giving for me also, as I get the chance to tell these young people who they really are, and that nothing is wrong with them.

A session is 1½ hours and has to be followed up by a balancing session - duration 1 hour - within 3 weeks.

This goes for persons with the "old" aura as well as for the grownup Indigoes.

The package is 1600,- DKR

Extra balancing session of 1 hour is 600,- DKR