I introduce myself

Hi, I am Grethe.

I travelled a long way this time around before my soul very vividly told me, that it was time to find the way back to myself.

By the age of 51 I turned to the so called alternative world for personal and spiritual development. Late in life - right. But both before that time and after I have harvested a lot of experience which means, that I have a good foundation in order to assist others, who might be searching as I have done. And still do for that matter.

Meeting many teachers and modalities has been a very interesting though somtimes tough journey.

Here are some of the trainings I have done:

Gemstone and crystalhealing
AuraTransformation (R)
Thought Field Therapy (R)
Reconnective Healing (R)
Soul Realignment (R)
and now: Healing with Angles 

Furthermore I have participated in many workshops focused on spirituality in different ways, and I have read loads of selfhelp and spiritual books.

Early on I had the good fortune to get to know Kryon. The entity channelled by Lee Carroll. That was almost lifechanging for me. I so resonnated with what Kryon had to say. It was also a rather difficult time as Kryon was known by very few people in Denmark and as the word got out there was quite a resistance among "alternative" people. But no more.

I also got to know about Lightworker/Steve Rother who channels The Group and loved it. Still do.

And here I am having practiced some for quite a few years. I am especially fond of doing the Soul Realignment (Akashic Record Reading) and Healing with Angles.

Does it stop here? I don't know. Time will show.

I live in Kastrup 15 min. from the center of Copenhagen with busstops close by.

My phonenumber is  +45 29913862
e-mail: grethebie.jensen@gmail.com

Do not hesitate to contact me if it feels right.

You are most welcome.