Reconnective Healing

There are many healingmodalities and they have many names.

Reiki, Crystal, Reconnective and so on. And that is well. It is always a good thing to learn something within a frame of reference.

Often, though, it happens that a healer develops her own way of healing. Practice makes master.

I have also learned different methods, but I seem to go well with the form, that is taught by Eric Pearl.

Having read his book "The new healingenergy" I was not certain what to think. And I decided to go to his  work-shops in Copenhagen and later in Oslo. And then I knew that there was something there, which resonnated with me.

Doing this healing method the healer does not touch the client. Everything happens in the aura.

If you have seen the video "The Living Matrix" you will also have experienced Eric Pearl. He has special gifts.  I mean - he does miracle healings. I have no real miracles so far.

But I have experienced clients being free of pain and others who feel a new kind of calm - both physically and emotionally. And that is very nice.

Eric Pearl also advocates that usually a person does not need more than 3 sessions in order to feel ready to go on with her life. And I have the same experience.

So do not hesitate to contact me if you feel inspired.

The meeting between two souls always does the trick. Whatever is needed happens. 

The duration of a session is normaly 30-45 min. and I charge 500,- Dkr. per session.