Soul Realignment - healing at soul level

Which soulgroup do you belong to?
What talents and gifts are you bringing to Earth belonging to that soulgroup?
Where do you originate from?
Do you perceive blocks or restrictions which hinder your going forward in life the way you want?

Soul Realignmenttm is a healing modality, reading your Akashic Record in order to reveal decisions made in past lives, which today hinders your full soulcontact.
The Akashic Records is an energetic "place" where everybodies thoughts, decisions, acts and emotions through all lifetimes are registered. It has other names like The book of Life.

It is in fact not a new method. Others have paved the way, but it has not spread worldwide as it does now, thanks to Andrea Hess.

It is a method which will bring to you a deep understanding of who you are at soullevel, what talents and gifts you bring to the Earth belonging to exactly that soulgroup.   
Soul Realignment - a helping hand

It will also bring to the surface the blocks and restrictions, that need to be cleared at this point in time.

I say "we" because the practitioner and you are in this together. I do the clearing at the Akashic Record level and you may want to do some homework in order to facilitate the integration into your physical being, your subconscious and conscious.
Our mutual intention is the key, as in all other spiritual work.

In my experience one session will do the trick for some and for others - like myself -  two or more sessions may be needed. Like pealing an onion, you know.

The practitioner will do the preparatory work just having your data at hand.

To deliver it there may be a meeting in person, a telephone- maybe Skype meeting or you may want to recieve a sound file (mp3) with the findings and then talk to me afterwards.

A session by me is 1.400,- dkr. and includes a ½hour telephone session within 3 months after the original session, if there are questions regarding what came through in the first session.

If other issues occur the session will be 700,- dkr.